Newsletter November 2015 Volume-03, Issue-5
Ideal Analytics bereaves with Paris Partner - Eagle Creek
Ideal Analytics scales Big Data initiative again Meet us at the Healthcare IT Forum in Mumbai on 14th and 15 December, 2015 Ideal Analytics in Canada Vietnam braces Ideal Analytics Pooling in Financial Wisdom, cradle them into Analytics
Ideal Analytics scales Big Data initiative again
Ideal Analytics scales Big Data initiative again
Hadoop has made its mark in Big Data initiatives. Customers felt Ideal Analytics should have Hadoop connectivity ready. Ideal Analytics has achieved that, we now have ready connectors for Hadoop whether data resides in HDFS or in Parquet file format. The data scientists of Ideal Analytics are now presenting data culled from Hadoop data studio and dashboarding them , reporting the results through user defined and designed reports through design studios. Forecasting of time series data using Regression analysis is also included now in Ideal Analytics.

  • Ideal-Analytics is now connected to Hadoop. You can analyse your data residing in Hadoop either in HDFS format or in Parquet format.
  • Ideal-Analytics is now integrated with R. The functionalities of R can be accessed from inside IA and can be applied to the data to define various KPIs.
  • Now, forecasting of time-series data using Regression Analysis can be done automatically in IA.
Meet us at the Healthcare IT Forum in Mumbai on 14th and 15 December, 2015
We are going to be present in association with Healthcare IT Leaders at the Healthcare IT Forum 2015, Mumbai on the 14th and 15th of December. Healthcare IT Leaders is a large consortium of IT leaders from various hospitals across India and Ideal Analytics is the analytics partner to the group. Meet us at the event with your queries and dreams for a new change in your business practice. Feel the power of Analytics to take your ROI upscale.
UBM India’s inaugural Healthcare IT Forum 2015 is envisioned as a must-attend forum for senior-level executives and industry leaders from the IT sector inside hospitals and healthcare units to focus on practical in-depth discussions on how Indian healthcare players can work together with latest IT applications to drive innovation and changes in its healthcare delivery system to provide better patient access and care. The platform will particularly address emerging trends and collaborations in health IT for improved outcomes in the Indian healthcare ecosystem.

Learn more about the event here:
Ideal Analytics in Canada Techno Canada
The warmth of cold and wintry Canada is exhilarating. That is what we at Ideal Analytics feel with our new venture with Techno Canada. A techno-conglomerate that trains, serves, provides solutions on end-to-end solutions. Techno Canada has teamed up with Ideal Analytics to peer open the Business Analysis field with an eye toward futuristic prescriptive analytics. The joint initiative would create a national field of aware practitioners and would popularize Ideal Analytics tool and application solution. Between Toronto and Kolkata the bridge is laid on for a sky-no-bound track. Ideal Analytics in Canada
Vietnam braces Ideal Analytics Vietnam braces Ideal Analytics
When it comes to Technology, no nation falls behind- the rookies run faster with more enthusiasm and resolve. Vietnam is looking for post-modern technology and solutions. Analytics is what fancied them and they are very serious. Business leaders of Vietnam are looking up to South Asian solution and Ideal Analytics has become their avid choice in the generic Analytics field.

Here in Ideal Analytics, we appreciate the enthusiasm of “Rainbow worldwide” to scout the Vietnamese market [private and government] with Ideal Analytics – a perfect and affordable solution for the Vietnam [that is how they opined].
The new venture Ideal Tech will usher in a new revolution focussing especially on the Health Care and BFSI industries. Vietnam’s Health Care service sector is poised for an exponential growth. With the niche expertise of Ideal Analytics in this sector in India and Europe and a new harbinger in US markets, “Rainbow group” and Ideal Tech has closed ranks to make a market oriented breakthrough in a prospective economy.
Pooling in Financial Wisdom, cradle them into Analytics
Eagle Creek Logo
Pooling in Financial Wisdom, cradle them into Analytics
Eagle Creek has been delivering and providing services for a long while. They pooled their long garnered Financial applications wisdom on various lines of business and industries, abstracted the different practices and then built up their own service framework. They tender their financial wisdom to their clients bringing them the best practice as a service.
The same philosophy led them to choose Ideal Analytics as their partner to get into the new business world – that is Analytics. Eagle Creek knows that Financial leadership in the near to long term future can only be provided by Analytics offer and usage on all financial solutions. Enriched by their acumen in Indian business arena, Eagle Creek Services now has a world-wide presence- the one that they would cap up with Ideal Analytics.
Ideal Analytics is excited to tread into the Financial solutions world leveraged by the wisdom of Eagle creek services. The sky is pushed higher and higher up and our joint advent scales the fleeting bar with faster acceleration.
Pooling in Financial Wisdom, cradle them into Analytics
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